Let's discover the Loire Valley with a local tour guide


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Little groups and Slow tourism


Visit at your own pace,

without pollution


Natural & cultural heritage discovery - Local products tasting

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A network of guides

Val de Loire Ecotourisme organization is a network of local guides, involved in the Ecotourism development and structuring  , through values that adjust our actions.

Using the word "ecotourism" is not for us the result of any marketing approach, but our own personal and professional commitment, supporting the sustainable development of our society.   

A wide approach

Our eco-interpreters present a complete approach of the area you're visiting, talking about geology, history, culture, fauna, flora, legends...

Our tricks will arouse your curiosity, senses and emotions.

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GuideIndependant and trained guides

All our eco-guides have their own business and have a naturalistic diploma, like the HND "Protection and management of natural areas" or the "Guide and ecotouristic products developer" professional bachelor from the University of Angers.

In this way, you are sure to find a tour guide with guaranteed  and official sustainable tourism skills.

Développement durableEcotourism & sustainable development

Our tours, stays and excursions arre dedicated to the discovery of the natural and cultural heritage in the Loire Valley, developing the local economy at the same time.

In selecting the Val de Loire Ecotourisme sharing moments , you make your input to the preservation of our environment, local heritage and to the sustainable development of French counties.